Germanikure crystal glass files are hand shaped and ground to perfection in Czech Republic from the finest Bohemian glass. Designed to last for decades, these handcrafted files can be used wet or dry, in both directions, on callus skin, natural nails or acrylic extensions.


Made to resist dulling and tempered to resist breakage.


The texture is not sandblasted or sprayed-on grit, but instead is acid etched into the surface. This etching results in evenly spaced rounded peaks which do not shred the nail, but instead seal it.


All files are chemically tempered to increase strength and break resistance by up to 90%. Please note, breakage is possible with all glass; however, Germanikure crystal files, in most cases, do not break when dropped from reasonable counter to floor heights.


All files can be cleaned easily with soap and water, and are durable enough to be sterilized in chemical baths and/or high heat & pressure autoclaves.


Every file is thoroughly inspected before it is packed in a protective, embossed, natural cowhide leather sleeve to provide additional protection.

Look for the patented hologram sticker containing the patent number on every file for authenticity.  

White Crystal File

SKU: G1070WT-41204
  • By: Germanikure

    Made in: Czech Republic

    Material: Crystal Bohemian Glass

    Length: 14 cm / 5.51 inches

    Width: 1.57 cm

    Thickness: 3.05 mm

    Color: White


    • Permanently etched – never wears out
    • Tempered – increases strength up to 90%
    • Non-Toxic and Lead-free

    • Autoclavable and sterilizable – great for salons 

    • File in both directions – safe for all nail types
    • Use wet or dry on acrylics or natural nails
    • Patented – authenticity guaranteed
    • Free from unethical workmanship and environmental irresponsibility 

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